Photos of Keke Palmer’s debut as Cinderella will bring tears to your eyes

Keke Palmer took the stage Tuesday night as the title character in Broadway’s Cinderella, marking the first time an African-American actress has played the role on theater’s biggest stage. 

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+ Spent the summer collecting colours. (((‘:


American Horror Story: All seasons.

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I live in you
Flowing through you
Like your spirit
Without me you’re nothing
That’s why I’m your everything
You don’t need him
So you should sell that wedding ring
Maybe then you could support me
It’s your fault he left us
You’re the reason he couldn’t trust
But there is not enough love in your…

The Seven Shittiest Sins

  • Greed: I want shit
  • Envy: I want your shit
  • Wrath: I'm going to wreck your shit
  • Lust: I'm into some freaky shit
  • Gluttony: This is some tasty shit
  • Sloth: I don't feel like doing shit
  • Pride: I am the shit

calm your shit barbie not everyone has white privilege like you do

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